Eight team tournament has given players

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"We were blowing sides off the park in those years. This year we defending our way to wins and we been consistently doing that through the season. There definitely a steele about it." September 19 2019 6:00AMCanberra Raiders ban the booze for NRL premiership focusBut co captain Jarrod Croker says the players are refusing to take their time off for granted as the Canberra bandwagon prepares to shift into another gear.Tickets for the preliminary final against either Manly or South Sydney will go on sale to members on Monday and the general public on Tuesday.Raiders officials have been working with Canberra Stadium staff to try to organise temporary stands of up to 1000 extra seats to cater for the demand, which could see the club break the venue's crowd record of 28,753.That mark was set at a Super Rugby grand final in 2004, and the stadium configuration has changed since then to reduce capacity.Raiders players have 'ownership' of teamRaiders in the hunt for Dally M awardsSimonsson has answers for tough questionsMal Meninga medal puts Papa in rare airCroker goes the extra mile for fansEither way the Raiders are bracing for a green wave and avoiding the temptations of a traditionally relaxed awards function was the first step to being contenders."I haven't played in [a final] this big.

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